Limbaugh: Lady Thatcher ‘One Of Top Ten People Of All Time’ In Terms Of Liberty And Freedom

RUSH: You know, Lady Thatcher, truly a great, great woman, a woman who has meant more to freedom and liberty for people all over the world — in fact, one of the top ten people of all time, in terms of the importance of liberty and freedom and securing it, gaining it for people.  You ought to read some of the stuff being said about her.  Happy she died, what a witch.  I guess where I’m going with this, folks, with all this today is there is no common ground here.  There is no overlap of commonality.  There is no place to compromise.  I’ve got nothing in common with the people who are applauding Margaret Thatcher’s death.  I have nothing in common with them whatsoever.

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Rush Limbaugh Remembers ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher


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