Limbaugh Joins The Condemnation Of The ‘Studly’ Republican Who Beat Up A ‘Pajama Boy’ Reporter

RUSH: In Montana — ladies and gentlemen, I must do something. I must join the chorus of people condemning what happened out there. This manly, obviously studly Republican candidate in Montana took the occasion to beat up a pajama-clad journalist, a Pajama Boy journalist out there.

The story is he grabbed his neck and threw the guy to the ground because the journalist was being insolent and disrespectful and whiny and moany and accusatory. And the manly, studly Republican simply didn’t realize that on the big stage you can’t do this kind of stuff and kicked the guy’s ass to the ground. This cannot be accepted. This must be condemned. I wonder how many people in Montana are now gonna vote for the guy, though? (laughing)

I’m serious. What are the early voting numbers out there? I’m confused. I’ve seen that 70% have early voted and in another story 30% have early voted. Today is election — oh. And there’s a brave newspaper out there, a brave newspaper withdrew its endorsement for this studly, manly, brutish Republican. His name is Gianforte, Greg Gianforte, and he didn’t like this reporter who’s indistinguishable from your average Millennial man today, virtually indistinguishable. He’s from the U.K. Guardian.

Gianforte just kind of lost it out there. Then they made a statement. They released a tape and the statement didn’t match up with what you hear on the tape, and so now Gianforte is being routinely condemned and criticized by no less than Nancy Pelosi. Grab audio sound bite number 24. Even Paul Ryan was asked. “Do you think he should apologize?” (paraphrasing) “Hell, yeah, he should apologize. This is not the kind of thing we generally approve of, you know, beating up on journalists.” But again, you have to wonder how many voters in Montana, you just have to wonder how many voters in Montana. Here’s Pelosi, here’s what she said.

PELOSI: To see this person who wants to be the one representative into the House of Representatives from Montana be sort of a wannabe Trump, you know, use language like that, treat people harshly like that. That’s his model. Donald Trump’s his model. And we’ve really got to say, “Come on, behave. Behave.” It was outrageous.

RUSH: It was outrageous. When did Trump beat up a reporter? It hasn’t happened, right? Trump’s never thrown a reporter to the ground. The opposite’s happened.



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