RUSH: Jimmy Kimmel. The Democrat Party has gotten its hooks into Jimmy Kimmel. Ever since his son had the episode at the hospital, Jimmy Kimmel has become an emotional expert on the Democrat Party agenda. First Obamacare and socialized medicine and everybody ought to have it and nobody ought to have to pay for it. It’s inhumane to have to pay for health care, especially your sick infant and so forth. And now Jimmy Kimmel is becoming an expert on the Democrat Party’s version of the NRA and gun control.

For those of you who watch Jimmy Kimmel, I just want you to know that every monologue that he will do on this is going to effectively be Democrat Party talking points. Ever since he got off onto the Obamacare tangent, look, he’s always been what he is, make no mistake. But with that monologue, the Democrat Party I think has established channels. And here’s a guy who was funny as he could be, he was a great comedian, but it wasn’t enough. Everybody in showbiz wants at some point in their careers to be taken seriously.

It’s great getting laughs, it’s great making people laugh, but at some point, like actors, who, when called to testify, say they play a farm wife in a movie, and then some senator who’s got a crush on actress calls her up to testify on farm problems in America because she portrayed a farm wife in a movie. The actress readily accepts the invitation because it’s a chance to show off her brain. It’s a chance to show that she’s much more substantive than just an actress.

So they all jump at the chance. Take a look at this the next time you read a showbiz interview. It’s the most amazing thing. An actress will portray — in this case I’ll give you an example of a real life character who was a victim of something. And the actress who plays this character is then interviewed by the Drive-Bys as the movie is coming out, and they’re trying to hype ticket sales. And the actress is accorded expert status.

The entertainment reporter asking the questions assumes that the actress or actor, depending on the role, has become an expert on that person. And the actress or actor willing accepts this and starts describing what they learned about the person as they worked hard to prepare for the role. And so people who are pretending to be other people for a total of a couple of hours are automatically granted expert status in who those people are. And I just marvel at these interviews as I listen to these actresses and actors describe these people they’re portraying as though they are educational historians who know everything about it, and they don’t.

Well, this is what’s happened here to Jimmy Kimmel in a way. Kimmel was a great comedian. He was uniquely funny. I especially liked him when he did the predictions bit on the Fox NFL pregame show back when it was good. He was hilarious. I haven’t seen the late-night show much, but he was genuinely funny. But now Jimmy Kimmel has become a political expert, and he is looked at as a political expert.


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