Limbaugh: Jeb Bush To Present Liberty Medal To Hillary Clinton On One-Year Anniversary Of Benghazi

RUSH: From the Philadelphia Inquirer: Former Florida governor, and touted potential Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, is to present the Liberty Medal to Hillary Rodham Clinton. “Hillary Rodham Clinton will receive the 2013 Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Jeb Bush, the chairman of the Constitution Center, will present the award to Clinton at a ceremony scheduled for September 10.” By the way, that is the day before the one-year anniversary of Benghazi.

Now, you see a story like this and you say, “What in the name of Sam Hill…?” It’s bad enough the woman is getting this award. The Liberty Medal? She’s getting this award because she’s a good liberal, and then to find out that someone who is touted as a Republican presidential candidate is going to be presenting it to her because he runs this organization? (sigh) “Well, of course, this will make the Democrats like us! You know, women will have a greater appreciation for Republicans now that Jeb’s in the news!”

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