LIMBAUGH: Jay Carney Enters The Twilight Zone

RUSH: Press secretary Jay Carney, daily press briefing after Obama had his “I’m really ticked off, I’m really mad, and I’m really gonna get to the bottom of it” press conference this morning, which came after he met with Shinseki.  So, at the White House press briefing the CNN correspondent, Jim Acosta: “What about criticism of his management style, Jay?  Is Obama too detached from some of the nuts and bolts of running government?” 

See?  This is how it works.  Obama goes out (imitating Obama), “I didn’t know. I am livid. I’m not tolerating this. I’m not putting up with this. This is unacceptable,” and the press swallows it.  They just swallow it hook, line, and sinker.  And then the question, “You know, Jay, is the president too detached from some of the nuts and bolts of running the government, is that possible?  Running the administration, some of these issues catch him off guard.  The health care website caught him off guard, and now this.  Is it maybe legitimate to criticize his management style?”  (laughing)  So here’s this guy, yeah, he didn’t know about the debacle of the website, perfectly understandable.  He didn’t know about the VA, perfectly understandable. Maybe it’s okay to criticize his management style, Jay?

CARNEY:  If you look at how the president handles a challenge like the website and handles this challenge, he responds by demanding action. Demanding that Americans who are counting on benefits and services, whether it’s a functioning website or benefits through the VA, that they are taken care of.  He expects results and he holds people accountable.

RUSH:  This is absolutely unreal.  This is Twilight Zone stuff.  (laughing)  It’s hilarious.  What a bunch of boobs, totally worthless boobs.  Boobs on a boar hog, we’re talking about here.  Useless.  (interruption)  Oh, Carney, you can’t believe he can do it with a straight face?  (interruption)  I can.  Carney thinks he’s being brilliant here.  They all do.  They all think this is brilliant stuff.

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