RUSH: This Is UNREAL! Jack Ma Is Talking About REAGANOMICS!

RUSH: One more here. Carl Quintanilla, says to Jack Ma, “You are now worth, Jack, more than the entire GDP of Estonia. What are you gonna do with all of your money, Jack?”

MA: Fourteen years ago I asked my wife, “Do you want you husband to be a rich man or a respected business guy?” She said, “Of course a respected businessperson,” because she never thought I would be rich person.

QUINTANILLA: (chortling)

MA: ‘Cause we were — we were having fun. So today I think… And then later I said, “When I’m — before I’m 50 years old, my job is making money, helping other people making money. After I’m a 50 years old, which is today 50 years old, I will spending money trying to making sure more people get rich,” ’cause you cannot spend all the money, right? So my job is spending money, helping others.

RUSH: This is unreal! We have a ChiCom guy talking about the benefits, the fun, the happiness, the worthwhile of getting rich — and in this country, what’s going on? The rich are hated and despised. Well, except for Zuckerberg and Buffett and Gates, and the Kennedys. Everywhere else the rich are despised. They’re suspects. They’re accused offing be criminals. And here’s this guy, Jack Ma, talking about Reaganomics!

Jack Ma is explaining, in his own words, trickle-down. He’s gonna help everybody get rich — and he’s not gonna give anybody any money. I guarantee you, when he says help people get rich, he doesn’t mean welfare. When he says he gonna spend money to make people rich, it means he’s gonna hire them, and he’s gonna build up businesses where they work so that their productivity will lead to raises and maybe good careers.

But the fact that this kind of talk is coming out of the ChiComs, and the exact opposite kind of talk is occurring in this country? Wake up. Well, you people are awake. But I mean we’ve got gazillions of people in a daze, just asleep. Maybe in a way you can’t blame ’em. They’re pounded every day. They’re literally hit over the head every day about how rotten it is in this country and how there is no future.

“It’s hopeless. The best days are behind us because the rich have taken all the money, and they don’t give it to anybody.”

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