LIMBAUGH: It’s The FBI That Was MEDDLING In The 2016 Election!

RUSH: Bob in Coronado, California. Glad you waited, sir. What’s happening?

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m maximally frustrated. It only relates to the last year I had to listen daily about the Russians and collusion. And now, as you mentioned briefly a few minutes ago, we’re starting to find out piece by piece that it appeared that the Hillary and the Democratic Party/DNC colluded with the Russians. It appears that they colluded with the FBI. And I don’t think it’s a big stretch — which, to me, is just frightening as can be — that the FBI may have colluded through Fusion GPS with the Russians.

RUSH: Exactly!

CALLER: It’s a disaster.

RUSH: What we’re learning because of these texts and what our common sense tells us, it is the FBI meddling in the election. It’s the FBI and the Department of Justice coordinating with the Clinton campaign. And that’s the meddling. And if you want to say they meddled with the dossier, well, the dossier has roots to Russians because Christopher Steele (who wrote the dossier) claims that Russians helped him source it. So the collusion here — in these texts that we’re learning from Strzok to Lisa Page — are indicating FBI meddling in the 2016 election!

How else do you interpret Strzok wishing for an “insurance policy” in case Trump wins?

And now these clowns are part of an investigation of collusion between Trump and Russia of which this isn’t any, no evidence whatsoever, and now they’re moving on to Trump obstructing justice by firing Comey and what have you. That’s what this is. The “insurance policy” is this newfangled turd of an investigation that we’re being made to sit through after a year of being told that Trump colluded with the Russians. People’s lives are being destroyed over this. People’s livings. The way people earn a living is being destroyed and trashed over all this because a bunch of liberals have their noses out of joint that Hillary lost, despite their help!


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