LIMBAUGH: It’s INSANE To Believe Russians Hacked The Election

RUSH: f the Russians wanted Trump to win and the Russians were hacking the election, then why did Hillary win the popular vote? If the Russians hacked the election and Hillary got more votes than Trump, why doesn’t everybody run around claiming that the Russian hack succeeded? Because it comes to the Electoral College there’s no way to hack that. The Electoral College and knowing what states are gonna be needed and what candidate’s gonna need which states and to go out and…?

That’s why I say this whole thing and what your question is illustrate, it’s impossible. It would be impossible to… You couldn’t even hack the machines. The machines are not connected to the internet! But even if you did that, there is no way that anybody could — hack” is the word here, but — sabotage the outcome of casting and counting ballots in all of these different states that are relevant. The idea! That’s why I say it’s preposterous. It’s beyond preposterous. It is insane to believe that a foreign government could actually, by virtue of technoespionage tamper with the casting and counting of ballots.

And that’s why nobody is alleging that that’s what’s happened. That’s why they’re using a linguistic ruse. They’re saying Russians “hacked” the election; Russians “tampered” with the election. They want you to fill in the blank. They want you to think that means the Russians didn’t want Hillary to win. They want you to believe that Trump’s election is fraudulent and illegitimate — and that, again, is the founding for every other attack that comes after that. Every assault on Trump’s agenda is justified by the fact the Russians tampered with the election.

“Russians tampered with the election” is translated into “Trump should not have won.” That’s the conclusion they want you to draw. If the Russians tampered with the election and everybody’s unhappy with the outcome, it must mean everybody wanted Hillary to win and everybody expected Hillary to win, and the polls said that Hillary was gonna win and then all of a sudden Trump wins and sizably. So here comes the story: Russians tampered.

We got two New York Times stories quoting unnamed sources confirming that the Russians tampered with the election. But they never say the Russians had anything to do with votes, casting ’em or confounding them. They want you to fill in that blank. And if they can sell that, then they can sell as justified and worthwhile every other assault on what Trump wants to do because he shouldn’t be the one doing it. Therefore it’s unjustified — illegal, even maybe — and unwarranted.


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