LIMBAUGH: It Would Be Wise To NOT Believe Anything The Media Says About Trump If It’s The Slightest Bit CRITICAL

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RUSH: This is unprecedented. I don’t think in my lifetime I have ever — and I’ve lived through the hatred of Richard Nixon and the hatred of Ronaldus Magnus and the hatred of George W. Bush. I have never seen this. I have never seen the out-and-out lying, knowing lying, the purposeful lying, mass lying that has been the namesake of the Drive-By Media since the election.

A lot of people have been documenting a whole lot of things the media’s been saying and comparing them to what Trump actually said. How many of you think Trump said that there were nice people, some fine people in the Alt-Right and Antifa? Do you know he never said it? He never said it. He never said any of the things that have been reported and rereported and recycled, literally things made up out of whole cloth.

It would really be wise for all of you to not believe a thing anybody in the media says about Donald Trump if it is the slightest bit critical. What they’re on today is, “Trump doesn’t care. Trump doesn’t care about people. Trump doesn’t love people. Trump doesn’t have empathy.” They’re just making it up. There isn’t any evidence. Trump has not been aloof. He has not been off-putting. They’re just making it up. They are literally making it up as they go.

They are making it up according to the stereotypes they have established that are supposedly attached to Republicans or conservatives, right-wingers or whatever. They’re just making it up. And I don’t know how this is dealt with. Trump, in his speech, in his Phoenix rally, tried to deal with it for 30 minutes. He ran through, he had it written down in front of him. “Here’s what I said,” and he castigated CNN and the New York Times, and he was dead right. He was a thousand percent right in what he said.

And look how they treated that? They of course, “This man is insane. This man is unfit for office. This man is unhinged. This man is delusion.” It’s the media that’s insane. It’s media that’s deranged. It’s the media that’s unhinged, and it’s the media that is just out-and-out lying. They’re not even trying to be subtle about it and they’re not trying to be trickery about it and using any trickery or any deception. They’re just blatant in-your-face lying, and they are counting on the fact that most people are not gonna know and are not gonna find out.

They’re not even being subtle. They’re not even trimming things around the edges. They are just bold-faced making it up, in case after case after case, particularly Trump’s comments after Charlottesville.


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