LIMBAUGH: Is CNN Being Low-Key In A ‘TORTIOUS’ Way, On GOP Baseball Shooting?


RUSH: You know, you watch CNN. I mentioned this. CNN is really, really low-key today.

And, you know, you want to give them the benefit of the doubt. They’re low-key because members of Congress got shot. They’re low-key because members of the Capitol Hill police got shot. There was an attempted mass murder today. It makes sense to be low-key. But then is there, perhaps, another reason for it? Are they being low-keyed in a tortious way, meaning they really wish they didn’t have to go there, but they know they’ve gotta dial it back a little bit because of who knows who else is out there.


RUSH: The point about CNN is, look, folks, just between you and me — don’t tell anybody this ’cause this will really irritate ’em — but this is the kind of thing that could put a damper on your anti-Trump hysteria for a few hours, you know what I mean?

I mean, this guy goes out and shoots a bunch of Republicans, it turns out he’s a Bernie Sanders guy. You investigate, find out he hated Trump and he used the same kind of language against Trump that he hears in the media every day. So CNN, “We gotta downplay, we just gotta tone it down for a while, the hysteria, the anti-Trump hysteria,” which is kind of quite telling in itself, if that’s the case.



Rush Limbaugh Predicted GOP Baseball Shooting Less Than 24 Hours Earlier

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