Limbaugh: IRS Scandal A ‘Flat-Out Effort To Suppress Conservative Vote’

RUSH: So this partisan attack on Tea Party and other conservative groups concerning tax-exempt status is still going on. There are groups who have applications in, and they’re just languishing, no action has been taken. So the IRS doesn’t have to flat-out deny you your status. They can just delay the approval. So you’re sitting out there in limbo. And that is continuing to happen. And the upshot of it is that a lot of Tea Party money was never raised, and therefore was never spent on this campaign. A lot of Tea Party enthusiasm was tamped down. A lot of religious Tea Party groups never got into gear. They were never authorized to. They were never authorized to start. They needed to be able to fund-raise in a tax-exempt way in order to get starts and they weren’t.

There is no question about it now. That’s what this is all about. There was a flat-out effort to suppress the conservative vote in this election while everybody was listening to the allegation that conservatives wanted to suppress the black vote or the gay vote, all the attention focused on photo ID, to be able to vote. The Democrats, “That’s racism. That’s an effort to suppress the black vote.” You remember all during that campaign the Democrats worried about Republican vote fraud and suppressing the vote. Well, where it really happened was the government, the IRS, another political arm of the Obama regime literally suppressing conservative voting, fundraising, and turnout.

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