Limbaugh Interviews VP Pence: “We Will See Texas All The Way Through This Crisis”

RUSH: Vice President Pence is here. Welcome, sir, once again, back to the EIB Network. Happy to have you here.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Rush. Great to be back on. I thank you for the opportunity to speak about the extraordinary events taking place in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. I know that millions of your listeners are supporting the families and communities that are affected with prayers, and supporting organizations are coming alongside. But I appreciate the opportunity to talk about the efforts of the federal, state, and local governments to provide resources and support for rescue and recovery.

RUSH: How is it all going? How would you assess…? I know you’re biased, but how would you assess the effort so far?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, I will tell you. I just walked out of FEMA. President Trump directed me to head over there for a quick update, and I think it’s important that all of your listeners know that this is still a very dangerous storm, particularly people in the affected areas in Texas and Louisiana need to approach this with great caution. Listen to local emergency management officials; heed their warnings and direction. But I think the American people can be very proud of the effort that Governor Abbott in Texas and local first responders are making, and I’m very proud of the strong leadership President Trump has provided for our entire administration.

We have more than 8,500 federal employees on the ground. We have dozens of Coast Guard assets in the air — fixed wing, helicopter. Coast Guard is involved in rescue operations. And, frankly, you know, the volunteer effort that is also underway where people are heading out, looking after vulnerable neighbors and friends who are stranded in the midst of this historic flood is… It reminds us of everything that’s great about being an American. But, look, it’s early in this process.

We’re a hundred percent focused on lifesaving efforts right now. But the president and the first lady will be there tomorrow. We already have our FEMA director, Brock Long, on the ground in Texas today. But once the floodwaters subside, then the real work of recovery will begin in earnest, and we’re gonna be making sure that upwards to a half a million Americans that may be eligible for disaster assistance know that we are with them, we’ll support them, and we’ll see Houston and southeast Texas all the way through this crisis.


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