LIMBAUGH: In HBO’s ‘Confederate’ The ‘Slave Owners’ Had Better Be DEMOCRATS

RUSH: I spent the break here doing a little bit more examination of some of the reaction to this HBO upcoming show, Confederate. You know what the biggest backlash is? That’s right. The biggest backlash is from blacks who are ticked off that the people doing this are white! Of all the Twitter backlash, all of the Facebook whatever, wherever you go to find this on social media, you’ll find that the largest push-back on this is from people who claim to be African-American livid that a couple of white guys are helming this thing.

Now, if I may, you African-Americans, what makes you think you’re in charge anyway? The Democrat Party’s white guys run everything that you supposedly are interested in. You have ceded your interests to the Democrat Party, which is run by a bunch of white people! That’s why I say, if they’re gonna do a movie on slavery the slave owners in this movie had better be Democrats because that’s who they were.

I think this is great, the backlash against this from African-Americans ticked off that white guys are doing it. White liberals are the biggest know-it-alls on the face of the earth. White liberals are trying to dictate to everybody what they should think every day. Why are you frowning at me? What don’t you understand? (laughing) They don’t have the power to write their own. That’s the point. HBO doesn’t have anybody to turn to but a couple liberal white guys to do this.

Now, you might say, if this premise exists, why don’t it originate in the African-American community with African-American producers, writers, directors? I couldn’t tell you. I’m just telling you — (interruption) Tyler Perry? Tyler Perry? Well, I know, but he doesn’t do that stuff. Tyler Perry, look, I may be out of my bailiwick, doesn’t he do horror movies? Well, who am I thinking of?

Well, anyway, I know they’re out there, but don’t make me say this. This so obviously — (interruption) The mockumentary that was made. I know, look, the white liberal establishment will let them do things like The Butler and will let them do things like those other — but when it comes to a concept this big, they’re not gonna surrender this. The white liberal head honchos are gonna take total control of this thing.

You want to go make The Butler, you want to cast Oprah in a movie, fine, here’s the money, go do it. But when it comes to something big and important like this, we’ll cast you, and we may give you director credit now and then, but we’re running the show. It’s just like white liberalism everywhere. This is not hard to understand. It may be tough to admit, but it’s not hard to understand.


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