Limbaugh In Disbelief: Obama Campaign Wants To Grow Private Sector By Hiring More Firefighters, Police And Teachers

RUSH: Folks, the charitable side of this is that we’re dealing with genuine idiots. That’s the charitable way of looking this. If they’re not genuine idiots, then they are the most practiced, deceitful people — and it’s hard to argue against that, too. ‘Cause I can’t believe that they really believe what they’re saying. I cannot believe that they really believe that to grow the private sector, you hire more cops and firefighters and teachers.

        I just can’t believe they really believe that. That’s their way out of the mess they’ve created. That’s the path of least resistance, because who can oppose it? It’s like a new civil rights bill. Whatever you put in it is gonna pass because who’s opposed to civil rights? Well, who’s opposed to more cops? Who’s opposed to more firefighters? Who is against more teachers? Nobody! And here they are out there clamoring for more, claiming that that will fix the economy.

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