RUSH: John King asks the CNN White House correspondent, “You know, Ann Coulter, Mark revenue, Rush Limbaugh, many others way, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, what happened to you on us yesterday?’” And here’s her take on it.

PHILLIP: I think it was one day of the episode of the Trump reality show. Because frankly, what happens behind the scenes is going to be different from what we just saw in that room.

RUSH: Bingo!

PHILLIP: And there’s another element of this that I think is constantly being revised and debated inside the White House, which is at what point does Trump start dealing with his problem with independents? At what point does he acknowledge his base and try to keep them as happy as he can, but also start dealing with the middle?

RUSH: All right. Now, up until she got into that area, I was gonna heap praise on a CNN infobabe for having proper perception. The first half of this sound bite, folks, she’s right on the money. She instinctively, apparently, understands that, hey — and if you doubt it, we’re gonna play Trump’s opinion of what he did yesterday in just a minute, replay that for you. But she correctly identified that this is just one of many such events like this, and what happens behind the scenes is gonna be far different than what happened on camera yesterday, far different from what we saw in that room.

And there she’s right. But then she veers off, and this is where these people, in my humble estimation, go wrong in trying to analyze Trump. Then she veers off into, (imitating Phillip) “When is Trump going to, and the White House, at what point they start dealing with his problems with independents?” And there they are plugging Trump into their holes, into their system, into the way they look at an electorate, in the way they look at campaigning. Okay, you’ve gotta have a message for your base and hold your base, but then you’ve gotta get out there and get the independents.

This is why the Republicans have foolishly always claimed to be for comprehensive immigration reform, because they believe they can say one thing to keep their base intact and then go out and say something a little bit different that supposedly is gonna dazzle independents, or in this case Hispanics, and cause them to vote Republican. And it’s entirely wrong, because you end up being who you’re not.

When you start tailoring your message to your audience, it’s over. I don’t care if you’re a public speaker; I don’t care if you’re in politics. It’s over. You have to be who you are, and you have to be persuasive. You have to tell people what you believe and bring them to your side of things, rather than pander to them.

But, you see, the Drive-Bys think, “Oh, Trump’s got his base. When are they gonna figure out what they gotta do to independents?” You know, that’s not for another three years, for crying out loud. The simple answer to this, if Trump wants to get reelected, do the agenda. If the Republicans want to get reelected with him, do the agenda. Just keep moving the agenda. And if it takes fooling the Democrats along the way, all the better. Just keep moving the agenda.

This is not complicated and it’s not rocket science. The people involved in this want you to think it is so that you don’t think you’re unqualified to get involved and talk about it. But it isn’t that complicated.

Trump has demonstrated how you attract a crowd and hold it. Trump has demonstrated how you create a bond between yourself, whether you’re a reality TV show star, whether you’re a president, a politician, how you create that bond and how you hold it.

Trump and his people weren’t doing a bunch of calculations, “Okay, I’m gonna say this about Mexicans to get that group. I’m gonna say this about Oprah to get that group. I’m gonna say this about Rosie to get that group.” That’s not how Trump was acting during the campaign.

What are we gonna do about independents? Totally missing the point, of Trump, anyway. And again, living in this area where they admit they don’t understand even now why Trump won and what he’s gonna have to do to get reelected.


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