Limbaugh: If Obama is Bad for Democrats, How Can He Be Good for America?

RUSH:  Okay, folks, a question here.  If Obama, President Kardashian, if he’s not good for Democrats, how can it be argued that he’s good for America?  And it’s becoming patently obvious that President Kardashian is not good for Democrats.  We’ve got seven or nine prominent Democrats who’ve announced that they’re not gonna attend the Democrat convention in Charlotte, and the most recent prominent big name, Claire McCaskill, senator from Missouri, who, among all the people not showing up, is probably the biggest, most loyal, most loud, vociferous advocate for Obama and everything he’s done.  And she’s staying home in Missouri.


Rush: There is — so far — a white Democrat protest of the first black president within the black president’s own party.  Nine white Democrats — among them, at least a couple of white women — are telling everybody they’re staying home. They’re getting nowhere near the Obama convention. [emphasis added]

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