RUSH: If It Were Me Debating Tonight, I Wouldn’t Care What The Questions Are… I’m Launching.

RUSHSo if I were Romney — well, forget that. If it were me debating tonight, I wouldn’t care what the questions are. Jim Lehrer can ask whatever question he wants, and Jim Lehrer can do whatever he wants to keep me on topic, but I’m launching. I don’t have many chances here if I’m Mitt Romney. I’ve got this and two more. And even these are not unfiltered. There’s still a moderator there who’s gonna try to enforce some sort of rules. I mean, these really aren’t debates. They’re expanded Meet the Press Sunday shows. The moderator and questions and decorum and all that. Lincoln-Douglas this isn’t, but still it’s an opportunity. And here’s Peter, Westchester, golden opportunity for Romney, which it is, precisely because he’s got a chance to be seen in ways that counter how he’s been presented by the Obama ad campaign.

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