LIMBAUGH: If Gary Cohn Doesn’t See The Threat ANTIFA Poses, “THAT’S A PROBLEM!”

RUSH: No, look. Here’s the reason I’m asking about Gary Cohn. Gary Cohn is not just some random economist. He’s in the White House. He is the National Economic Council director. He has Trump’s ear on matters of economics. My point is this. If he is mistaken or if he doesn’t know, if he’s not able to see the threat that these Antifa and related groups pose to liberty and freedom, if he’s not able to see that, that worries me. That worries me tremendously.

We don’t need somebody in this administration — put him in the Obama administration, but not this one. We don’t need somebody who doesn’t see the threat of leftist violence, somebody who looks at a bunch of leftists and automatically concludes that they are devoted to equality and fairness. You know, if this guy doesn’t see who these people are, I’m sorry. That’s a problem.

And if the guy is then going to separate himself from the president and put himself on a pedestal of superiority based on his own ignorance in order to distance himself from the president, for what reason would he be doing that? Media fawning? Trump doesn’t need people like this, if you ask me. Trump needs people that see the world as he sees it. That’s the reason why you win. That’s why you put together an administration.

To me it’s problematic. If there’s gonna be somebody there that close who can look at these events and only see half of what’s happening and be wrong about the other — well, be wrong on both sides. Sorry. It presents problems for me. As a citizen, not as a radio host. As a citizen.

Now, supposedly Trump is livid with both these guys, Cohn and Tillerson. But I’ll tell you what this shows. Once again, we have this event in Charlottesville which was totally mischaracterized, blatantly so, by the media, and the gutless wonders that refuse to take issue with it prevail and run the day, rule the day here. It just goes to somehow what everybody’s up against. These guys, it could well be that Cohn and Tillerson are just choosing the path of least resistance. Maybe the, “I don’t want to get in a scrap with the media. Look what they’re doing to Trump. I’d rather be on their good side.” You know, like the congressional Republicans and senatorial Republicans have decided to do.

But folks, there’s nothing about fairness or equality or liberty when we’re talking about these leftist protesters. They are devoted to the exact opposite. These are the people who are defining hate speech as anything they disagree with. These are the people who were trying to maintain the U.S. Constitution prohibits hate speech. These are the people using their power combined with that of the media to get as much force behind the notion that if you’re not one of them, you don’t have a right to say anything, and if you do, there is the obligation to rough you up, to intimidate you or what have you. There’s nothing, nothing about this group that is devoted to equality, and there’s certainly nothing about freedom that they’re devoted to, except for their own.

It’s like the Southern Poverty Law Center. The only poverty they’ve ever solved is their own, with your money.



LIMBAUGH: Does Gary Cohn Really NOT Know What ANTIFA Is?

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