LIMBAUGH: I Want To Limit The Damage Of Trump’s Disastrous Abortion Comment

RUSH: Whoever the nominee of this party ends up being, I want them to win because that is far more preferable to me than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or anybody else that they might nominate if they decide they don’t like Hillary, if they decide she can’t win.  If they try to do their own manipulations and end up putting Joe Biden in there, I don’t care who it is, I don’t want them to win.  I want the opposition to the Democrat Party to triumph, and I want it to win.  And when the opposition screws up, I want to try to limit the damage of the screw up and limit the damage of the mistake.

And this was a disaster, what happened, because of the subject matter.  It was designed to be a disaster.  It was designed to destroy Trump.  It was designed to take him out.  It was designed to once again do much more than that.  Matthews is a political hack, like Stephanopoulos is, like they all are in the Democrat media.  And the objective for them — they never forget their objective — their objective is to beat us.  They want to beat us more than they want to beat ISIS.  They want to stop us more than they want to stop ISIS.  They think Trump’s gonna be the nominee.  They’ve got themselves convinced Trump’s gonna be the nominee.  They are doing their best to destroy who they think our nominee is gonna be.

We’re not.  We haven’t even gotten around to helping destroy Hillary Clinton because half of us are still trying to destroy who we think’s gonna be our nominee.  So in that we’re on the same playing field with the Democrats.  The Democrats, whoever our nominee is, they’re in the process of trying to already destroy that person.  And I’m trying to stop that from happening. What little I can do by limiting whatever damage might happen when somebody says something unfortunate, stupid, inexperienced, naive, whatever it is.

I’m not excusing Trump.  I was trying to mitigate the damage by explaining why he might have screwed up.  But everybody else wants to look at things like, “That’s it, gotta get rid of him.”  We don’t have any control over that and we already face a really precarious situation if things don’t play out right.  Because, depending how this happens, a bunch of Cruz voters may get their noses out of joint, decide not to vote, like a number of them didn’t in 2012. And the Trumpists, the odds are they’re not gonna show up if they think the nomination’s been taken away from Trump, if they suspect anything outside the normal Democrat process has taken place here.

You can kiss victory good-bye if any of these things happen, you can kiss it good-bye right now, and all the rest of this remains an academic exercise to prove who’s the smartest, who’s the cleverest, who’s the best conservative, who’s the best moderate, who’s the best this.

The war has begun, and we haven’t entered it yet.  We are still in the circle firing squad phase.  And I don’t like being in that phase.  So it wasn’t pandering, it wasn’t an excuse.  It was an attempt to explain to people who want to support Trump why he might have screwed it up.  It was an attempt to explain to people who don’t want to support Trump why it might not be what you think it is.  There might have been a reason for this happening that is short of unacceptable.

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