LIMBAUGH: “I Still Believe In The Power Of The American People”

RUSH: You know what I still rely on? And I know you’re gonna sneer at this, but I’m gonna say it anyway. I still believe in the power of the American people. And I’ll tell you why. You may think this is quaint and not realistic, but it’s the only thing separating the swamp from succeeding so far. Trump won election. You look at the forces that were arrayed, and you look at the power projected against Trump all during the campaign and since he was elected.

Now, they have put roadblocks up, and they have succeeded in stalling and thwarting elements of the agenda, but Trump gets up every day and tries to march forward on it all, and he still has his voters behind him. The swamp wants to make their takeover of the government look like it’s legitimate and constitutional. So they’re going through the motions here of trying to find supposed, justifiable reasons to impeach Trump.

What is to stop them from just marching a couple people up to the White House and effectively pointing a political gun at Trump’s head and saying, “You either leave, you resign today, or else,” and the else we won’t know; but whatever threats they want to make, what’s to stop them from doing this?

I maintain to you that even though they resent the American public and they don’t really consider elections to be legitimate unless the American public votes the way they want them to, there’s still an invisible line that at least as of now they don’t want to cross and proceed into total totalitarianism or full-fledged, very loud and obvious coup.


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