LIMBAUGH: How In The World Would Putin Prefer Trump Over Hillary?

RUSH: So given that the Democrat Party has no history of disliking the Soviet Union, the Democrat Party has no history of opposing the Soviet Union or Russia, “We are being asked now to believe that the Russians wished to influence a U.S. presidential election. This master stroke of statecraft by Putin was designed, however, to bring to power a man, Donald J. Trump, who has pledged to rebuild the United States militarily and economically.

“Trump has detailed his intent to build a national missile defense, modernize our strategic arsenal to match that of Russia and China, ensure our ability to dominate the high seas … guarantee our ability to project power with an improved air force, and have an intelligence and cyber capability second to none.” How in the world does that help the Russians?

Donald Trump wants to modernize the American military, grow the American military, make it an all-powerful defensive and offensive force. This is not what Putin wants. This is not what Putin would endorse.

“By contrast, Hillary Clinton, following the policies of Barack Obama, stated she would, by not building missile defenses … continue the policy of vulnerability to Russian, Chinese, and Iranian ballistic missiles; delay the upkeep and modernization of our nuclear weaponry; and, pursue a reduction of our conventional military forces.” She would gut the military. “On traditional strategic grounds, it defies logic that Putin would have preferred Trump to Clinton.”

In any normal day Hillary Clinton would have been a godsend to Putin. Somebody who thinks the United States military’s too big, has too much outreach, is too powerful, somebody who believes the United States has been the problem in the world and owes the world deference and apologies here and there, that would be right up Putin’s alley, somebody that’s gonna continue to dismantle and transform the United States away from superpower status. That’s what Putin would want.

Instead, we are led to believe that Vladimir Putin wants a guy who is a bigger strongman than even he is? And I thought that was well stated. Again, that’s Brian Kennedy, Real Clear Politics.



The Illogic Of Russian Hacking

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