UPDATE: Limbaugh Refuses To ‘HEEL’: “I’m Going Through One Of The Greatest SMEARS Of My Career”

RUSH: I want to spend the early moments here of the program on Hurricane Irma because, ladies and gentlemen, your beloved and respected host is being slimed and smeared with a fake news campaign that has been ongoing for three days, which, in the bottom-line analysis, confirms pretty much everything I have said. The fact that in the midst of all that’s going on here, so many people have to take time out from what they’re doing to try to trash me?

I’m just a guy on the radio. I’m not even a guy on TV! And yet efforts are underway to once again for, I don’t know, the tenth or 12th time in my career, to entirely trash, slime, smear, and destroy me over things that I did not say, over points that I did not make. This is occurring in place like the Washington Post, second day in a row there. The Associated Press, CNN, Headline News, some other cable networks and so forth.

We talked a little bit about this yesterday, about how some in the media are lying, just bold-faced lying about what I said two days ago about the approaching Hurricane Irma. Now, the irony being they accuse me of spreading fake news while they are still at it. They are spreading fake news about me. They are lying through their teeth about what I said. And it’s not the first time.

I have a theory about this, folks. I think the reason that I’m able to get under their skin is that I am one of the few who bucks their conventional wisdom, and I do it effectively, I do it persuasively with intelligence guided by experience and logic. Yesterday I told you they live in this safe cocoon that they have built for themselves, where everybody in the cocoon thinks alike, talks the same, they’re uniform. Anything that’s outside that cocoon that tries to get in causes anger and panic, and they react by lashing out with a need to destroy that which they think threatens what they’re saying.

So what I’m saying about this or what I did say to them constitutes a threat, because otherwise it wouldn’t be any big deal. If I were this irrelevant and if I didn’t matter and if I was this crazy and I was this off the wall, they would ignore it, because they wouldn’t have to point it out; everybody would think so. But of course very few believe that, and the only people that believe those kind of things are those that have no experience listening to the program.

Now, there’s a quick way of dealing with this. There’s a show, I guess a new show on Headline News that’s hosted by someone named S. E. Cupp and the subject came up on this show on Headline News hosted by S. E. Cupp and guest after guest after guest repeated that Rush Limbaugh is putting people at risk. Rush Limbaugh is telling people to ignore the forecast. Rush Limbaugh is telling people to not drink water! Have you seen that one, Mr. Snerdley? They’re out there saying that I’m telling people don’t worry if you can’t find water. Just don’t drink it.

I mean, some of the things that their saying… two hit pieces in a row from the Washington Post today. “Rush Limbaugh’s Hurricane Survival Guide: Stop Buying Water and Don’t Listen to the News.” Neither of those two things did I say. I never got close to saying either, and no reasonable, sane person ever would.

So what did I say that has these people so discombobulated and upset? And I’m telling you, it all revolves around their politics. And I continually poke holes in their balloon about this and they just can’t handle it and they go livid. All I do is identify what they’re doing. They are the ones exaggerating. They are the ones using this destructive event, which is going to affect millions of people horribly, they are the ones using it to advance a political agenda, not me. And all I’m doing is pointing that out.

I’m simply explaining to people how it works. Everything has been politicized in this country, and when the left is behind that politicization, you have corruption. There’s corruption everywhere in our politics, and it is epitomized during national disasters and emergencies because the left is always working on moving their agenda forward, climate change, radical environmentalism, and so the occasion of this hurricane is an exciting thing for them!

And simply to say that, just that, causes them to lose their grounding and their common sense. And when they lash out, they lie, and they say, as Al Roker did, that what I’m suggesting is near criminal! What I’m telling people is near criminal! Here’s a summary of what I said to anybody in the path of this hurricane: Take emotion out of the equation. I explained how severe weather events are opportunities for big ratings boosts in the media and explained how it happens.

I explained how severe weather events impact retailers and how some retailers are smart enough to coordinate advertising with television stations. It happens! It doesn’t mean it’s bad. It happens. It helps to explain things. And that’s all I do.



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