LIMBAUGH: Hillary’s Infrastructure Bank A ‘Sophisticated Money-Laundering Operation’

August 17, 2016

RUSH: Hillary Clinton’s infrastructure bank is nothing more than a sophisticated money-laundering operation just as Obama’s “we’re gonna fix the roads and the bridges and we’re gonna rebuild school.” It was a money laundering scandal, a scheme. And Hillary seemingly wants to repeat it, and I’ll explain it for those of you who have forgotten it.


RUSH: I made reference to this in the last half hour, Hillary with a campaign appearance in Cleveland.  But you gotta hear this because you’ve heard it all before almost word for word.  We have heard this before.  We have two sound bites of Mrs. Clinton talking about our desperate need to rebuild our infrastructure.

HILLARY:  I’ve got an infrastructure plan to create millions of jobs fixing our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, our airports, our water systems, our sewer systems.  As part of that plan, I want to start a national infrastructure bank so that we have public and private funds working together so we don’t just wait on Congress to act, but we are building, rebuilding, maintaining all the time.

RUSH:  Holy smokes!  In other words, screw Congress.  I’m gonna be going out there and I’m gonna be raising private money, like from Iran and from Russia and from the sultan of Brunei and wherever I can get it and we’re gonna rebuild our roads and we’re gonna rebuild our bridges.

But where have we heard all this before?  Barack Hussein O.  It was part of his campaign in 2008, and it is precisely the number one ingredient that he used to sell his stimulus package, which we dubbed the Porkulus bill, within two months of his immaculation back in 2009.  It’s incredible.
And the logical question is why do we need to do this?  You promised this eight years ago. You allocated nearly a trillion dollars to spend on it.

Why isn’t it fixed?  Why isn’t our infrastructure rebuilt?  And even if it’s not, why don’t we see the projects underway?  Why aren’t we seeing roads and bridges under construction?  Why aren’t we seeing sewers being modernized?  I mean, you’ve had eight years to do this.  You succeeded in allocating nearly a trillion dollars for it.  I know what you’re saying, “Why don’t other people see this? Why don’t other people ask this question?  Why are people applauding her instead of laughing at her?”

This is the kind of thing that anybody with half a brain would walk out of the speech or stand up and pooh-pooh and turn around, because it’s the same old thing.  It’s an empty promise.  The only wrinkle she’s added here is she’s not gonna wait for Congress to act.  Screw them.  We’re gonna have a combination of private and public money working together so we don’t just wait on Congress, but we are building, rebuilding, maintaining all the time a national infrastructure bank.

Now, folks, this is nothing more than a dressed-up money-laundering scheme, just as Obama’s was.  The money that he promised, the reason that he asked for the money to rebuild roads, bridges, schools, sewer systems and all that, none of it happened.  None of it happened.  You might be saying, “How do you know, Rush?”  ‘Cause they would be pointing to it, folks.  If they had succeeded in getting started rebuilding the infrastructure, it would be part of Hillary’s campaign.  Instead what is she doing?  She’s talking about it as those Republicans, look at how they let the country deteriorate.  That Bush.  She doesn’t say any of this.  This is all stuff you’re supposed to infer.

She’s implying, “Those Republicans, they don’t care” — that’s what the allusion to Congress is — “we’re not gonna wait on Congress. We’re not gonna wait on Republicans.  The Republicans don’t want to rebuild the roads and bridges, but I’m gonna do it anyway.”  You’re not supposed to ask, “Wait a minute, this is eight years old.  Why don’t we see any projects under construction?”  And there aren’t any, folks, because if there were, she’d be pointing them out as the Democrats already getting started on it and she’d be asking for people’s vote to continue this great work that they would be pointing to, but they don’t.


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