RUSH: Hillary Clinton has come up with another reason why she lost the presidency. She’s now blaming debate moderators — I’m not making this up — because they did not ask Trump any questions about job creation. Look, don’t ask me to explain this. The woman clearly is not there. The woman has been bamboozled by what happened to her. She’s a two-time, humiliated loser, and this time around, this was supposed to be the easiest presidential victory in the history of campaigns.

Because Trump was supposed to be so unelectable. Trump was the biggest buffoon that’s ever run. All Hillary had to do was show up and be on the ballot, and she would win by a landslide. And she ends up losing. A deep profound humiliation! And she lost with Obama campaigning for her multiple times a day, while asking people to vote for her to continue his legacy. His legacy was sent packing. He was sent packing. Hillary was sent packing.

The American people said at the ballot box, “We don’t want any more of this,” and they can’t even now come to grips with it. So the latest excuse is that Trump was not asked any questions in the debates about job creation. But he was. He was asked in two different debates about it. But so what? Even if he hadn’t been, was she asked about job creation and her answers were insufficient or what?

I mean, that’s how grasping for straws they are.


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