LIMBAUGH: Hillary Continues To Step In More Buckets Of Excrement

RUSH: You know, Mrs. Clinton just continues to step in it. She didn’t do anything recently. It’s just another bit of news from the Ed Klein book, Blood Clot, has been revealed. Apparently Hillary was having lunch with some girlfriends up in Chappaqua one day after she had left the State Department. According to the Ed Klein book, all of Hillary’s girlfriends were asking her, “What is Obama really like? ” and she just launched.

According to the book, she said, “He’s not there half the time. There’s no hand on the tiller of this country. He’s incompetent. He’s a phony.” She made it clear that she has no respect for Obama at all (this is in the Klein book) and she said that they made a deal with Obama that Bill would help Obama in 2012 if Obama would pay them back and help Hillary campaign in 2016.

Now Obama has basically said he’s not gonna do that, and the Clintons feel betrayed, so she was just unloading on Obama. And this is gonna get out. I mean, I ran across it in the Ed Klein book and others will see it when it’s run across. And the Clintons just can’t pull their foot out of that bucket of excrement regarding their wealth, and people are now covering it.

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