LIMBAUGH: Hillary Clinton Single-Handedly Invented The ‘VAST RUSSIAN CONSPIRACY’

RUSH: Now, I think one of the things guiding this on the Russia-collusion side, is we’ve been at this for over a year, or coming up on at least a year. No, it’s over a year, because Obama was talking about this March and April of 2016. So it’s over a year. It really intensified after the election with the Clinton campaign. By the way, speaking of Hillary Clinton, can you imagine what a victory this must feel like for the Clintons? She single-handedly — the Clinton campaign single-handedly — invented this vast Russian conspiracy 24 hours after the election.

We know from this book entitled… What is it? Surrendered? Succumbed? I can never remember the title perform. But it was about Hillary’s campaign, why it was so bad, why they lost. There was a bunch of infighting and so forth. And we learn from this book that 24 hours after the election, the Clinton campaign decided to blame their defeat on the Russians colluding with Trump to affect the outcome of the election. And that allegation ends up being taken so seriously by so many supposedly rational people that now even so-called Republicans are talking about impeaching Trump.

And I, of course, predicted this back on November 22nd of last year. Hillary never had this kind of success with her invention of the vast right-wing conspiracy. She tried, but that bombed out compared to this. Back then, it was her husband that ended up being impeached despite her conspiracy theory. But sadly, now the chants of “lock her up” are just a distant, bitter memory, and the Trump administration is in the crosshairs.


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