LIMBAUGH: Hillary Clinton Is The Definition Of ‘HAS-BEEN’

RUSH: Hillary bores me. She has bored me for the longest time. I mean, if you want the definition of has-been, she’s it. If you want the definition of overblown, never was gonna be anything, she’s it.

Now her book is coming out today, and they’ve already marked it down 40%. Did you know this? Now, it’s standard for books that are thought to be best-sellers to have “25% off” plastered on the covers. It’s not unusual. Forty percent is unusual. I mean, that’s something, because her first book, they gave her a… Her most recent book, not her first. Most recent. They gave her a $14 million advance, and it sold 275,000 copies. So that means it sold about 70,000 because Hillary and her buds bought 200,000.

So it was a bomb. And then when she did her book signing, nobody showed up, because Hillary, unlike Trump and many other public figures, has no personal connection. Even with the people that voted for her, there is no personal investment in her. She, at best, represented the symbolism of the first female president. But she’s not likable. She’s not charismatic. She’s Nurse Ratched. And such, so she doesn’t have… She couldn’t draw 20,000 people at an arena like Trump did five times a month. She couldn’t draw 2,000.


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