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RUSH: Okay. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off, but I can’t, especially since I committed to it. Yeah, it’s time to start chipping away on the audio sound bites that are about Mrs. Clinton and me. I guess I deserve this, because I said earlier in the week, “Look, I’m really tired of it. I’m bored with it. There isn’t anything new. In fact, I almost feel like my intelligence is being insulted when I’m told that I have to care, when I’m told that I have to think that this is the Smartest Woman in the World.

“I’m told I have to take her seriously, I have to believe that she’s this and that and the other thing,” and I just don’t. So, the things I have said have ended up being fodder elsewhere in the media for guests on cable shows to comment upon. Monday night, NBC Nightly News. This is to set this up. This is the Hillary comment in question here.

Cynthia McFadden, who used to be at ABC. She’s now at NBC. She’s interviewing Mrs. Clinton. She said, “I think an awful lot of people think that we’re less safe today than we were a week ago because these five guys are out” that we’ve swapped for Bergdahl. These five guys are out now, and we’re a lot less safe because of that.

HILLARY:  These five guys are not a threat to the United States.  They are a threat to the safety and security of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  We may be kind of, y’know, missing the bigger picture here.  We want to get an American home, whether they fell off the ship because they were drunk or they were pushed or they jumped, we try to rescue everybody.

RUSH:  Or what about if they’re war heroes? Why insult Bergdahl by associating him with some drunk that fell off a ship, or was pushed or jumped?  I mean, isn’t the story about Bergdahl, that he was a hero to certain people?  (interruption)  Well, I know some say he’s a deserter and so forth, but why? (interruption) Yeah, I know. There are reports that he was on hashish and hookah and rather enjoying it, and became one of the Taliban and all that. But regardless, that’s not the point. 

The point is I think this statement of hers (impression), “They’re no threat to the nation. They’re no threat to Americans. They’re not here.  Their threat is to Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Come on, y’know?”  I think that is indicative of what we’re dealing with here.  So, anyway, my reaction to that is what ended up being played on cable news this morning on America’s Newsroom and the Fox News Channel.

Bill Hemmer spoke with Juan Williams and the editor at large at, Mary Katharine Ham, about me and my criticism of former secretary of state Hillary Rodham-Rodham for saying that the five released Taliban members are not a threat to the US.  Now, to set up the segment, here is Hemmer’s introduction and the clip they played of me talking about Mrs. Clinton.

HEMMER:  Rush Limbaugh with some harsh words for Hillary Clinton over remarks she made earlier in the week that the five Taliban commanders freed from Gitmo are not a threat to the United States.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  Now, I think this might come back to haunt Mrs. Clinton.  This one little answer to this one little question, to me, is proof that this woman is neither smart nor competent.

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