LIMBAUGH: Hillary And Bill Clinton Are Gonna Get The ‘Weinstein Treatment’

RUSH: You can’t look at what’s happening to the Clintons without also examining what’s happening to Harvey Weinstein. We have perhaps the most prolific fundraiser and donor for the Democrats in the last twenty years literally thrown overboard by the New York Times. Literally thrown to the sharks. He’s done. He’s over. And now Hillary. You can’t look at these two without lumping them together. I think, I honestly think Hillary and Bill are gonna get the Harvey Weinstein treatment before not to long.


RUSH: …it’s not a coincidence that after 30 years… Folks, Harvey Weinstein’s been doing what he’s been doing for 30 years — and he, at the same time, has been one of the most powerful fundraisers the Democrat Party. He has been inseparable with Barack Obama and Michelle. He’s been inseparable with Bill and Hillary, and especially Bill.

They have been — and everything that entails. Being tight at the hip with Bill Clinton, with Harvey Weinstein doing what he does, I’m telling you. He raised a lot of money. He gave a lot of money. He gave other people (or told other people) to spend and donate a lot of money. He was at all the official White House functions with the Clintons and the Obamas, portrait unveilings. He was one of the ranking power people with both the Clinton and Obama administrations, and then individually. Now look what’s happened.

Now the New York Times runs a story on Harvey Weinstein, and it’s over, and that story opened the floodgates, and now Harvey Weinstein’s finished. And he’s not gonna be close to anybody in politics. He’s not gonna be anybody’s chief fundraiser. Now, there’s a reason this happened. They held onto this for 30 years. Remember the reaction everybody had to this: “Everybody knew! Everybody knew — except Matt Damon and Clooney.” For some reason Matt Damon and Clooney didn’t know and now they’re asking themselves how in the heck they could have missed it.

They’re so confused! They can’t figure out how they missed it all (and they’re making fools of themselves in the process). So, after barely a month here of wall-to-wall “Harvey is a reprobate” stories, all of a sudden we have the Washington Post dropping the dime on Hillary and the DNC responsible for this hoax that Trump colluded with the Russians.


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