Limbaugh Has Two Words To Explain Why You Go Back And Look At Hillary Clinton’s Past. Barack Obama.

RUSH: Do you know what Miley Cyrus did the other day at a concert? Miley Cyrus brought out a guy wearing a Clinton mask and simulated doing a Lewinsky on stage in her performance. Now, I want to warn some people about this, this Clinton revival. In fact, Mediaite reports: “Bill Clinton’s Affair With That Woman seems to be undergoing a cultural renewal as of late, what with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) suggesting that pro-women Democrats should distance themselves.”

Then Kathleen Willey came out the other day in a column at WorldNetDaily in which she said that Hillary Clinton is the war on women. Now, a lot of Republicans, the Republican establishment, we talked about it yesterday, are saying “Don’t go there. Don’t bring up the Lewinsky era. Don’t bring up Bill Clinton. If you’re going to talk about Hillary, don’t look at her past. Go back maybe to Secretary of State and Benghazi and that’s it.” And we discussed the reasons yesterday. The GOP is afraid. They think that any criticism of any Democrat is going to run the independents right back to the Democrat Party. They believe this.

But I can give you two words to explain why you go back and you look at Hillary Clinton’s past. Barack Obama. Barack Obama was not vetted. The Drive-By Media did not look into who he was. We all did, but they didn’t. There was so much to know about Barack Obama. So much to know that defined him. So much to learn that could have been reported. Don’t know how much it would have mattered, but it certainly would have mattered some, because it would have pierced the balloon of this cult that had developed, because Barack Obama was not what he was presenting himself to be.

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Party In The USA! WATCH: Miley Cyrus Pulls A ‘Lewinsky’ On Bill Clinton

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