Limbaugh Has Just Two Words For Unemployment News, “Of Course”

RUSH: The Labor Department says in its report today that Hurricane Sandy had no significant effect on unemployment, which, if I recall, calls into question all of the reports from the Drive-Bys over the last few weeks which did blame Hurricane Sandy for a huge uptick in unemployment claims. Look at all of the lies that we were told are now being revised. There are just two words to greet the unemployment news today, and they are “of course.” “Of course.” We were told 146,000 new jobs were created in November. More than a third of those were due to retail stores hiring for the holidays, i.e., they are temporary jobs. So how come that number is not seasonally adjusted? Why do they give us the raw number on that instead of seasonally adjusting that? I mean, if they’re not gonna seasonally adjust for Christmas hiring, why do they seasonally adjust for anything?

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