Limbaugh Has It On The ‘HIGHEST AUTHORITY’ That Obama Watched Basketball Day And Night

RUSH: You know, Obama watched a lot of TV too. Obama’s out there writing out brackets every time the NCAA March tournament came around. And the news media made a story about Obama taking time-out to make the brackets and watch the NCAA tournament. I have it on good authority. Folks, off the Oval Office there are a bunch of smaller rooms. There’s obviously a restroom. There’s a small dining room. And when I say “small,” the small dining room would seat eight, maybe 10. There’s a study, the president has a private study off the Oval Office.

I have it on the best authority that in one of those rooms off the Oval Office Barack Obama had a television set specifically for watching the NBA and NCAA, basketball. Daytime, nighttime. I have it on the highest authority. We know what Clinton used it for. That’s were Lewinsky and the cigar were.

But, anyway, they’re saying that Trump, “Yeah, he doesn’t show up ’til 11 o’clock. He’s too busy watching TV.” If I’m Trump, watching TV would be one of the fastest and most efficient ways to size up my opposition each and every day. All you gotta do is watch a half hour of CNN and you know how the left’s gonna come at you that day. CNN, MSNBC personify, exemplify Trump opposition, an endless parade of guests throughout their broadcast day telling how Trump’s unfit, unqualified, ways to attack Trump.

But Trump is made fun of for watching television, is made fun of for watching cable news. It’s not healthy, it’s not sensible. Why not? Do you people not believe what you’re doing?


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