Limbaugh Has A ‘Creeping Sense’ That The ‘Left Is Losing MOMENTUM’

RUSH: Okay, over here, folks, I’ve had a bit of a — I don’t know what you call it — a creeping sense, a feeling, and I’m very alarmed when this happens because I don’t want to be wrong about it. And I try to remain objective during all these things, but I just get the sense — and I alluded to this a little bit on Friday — that this entire thing — it came after that Washington Post story, that huge opus, 36 pages — remember, we talked about that, 36 pages. I even highlighted and excerpted from it.

Page 25, they had to admit, no evidence the Russians did a thing with votes, voting machines, or any of that. There has been a weekend to digest this story now, and I had a sense with this story being published that something’s turning, something’s shifting. That the momentum, if you will, seems to be losing, or the left seems to be losing some of their momentum. I mean in the Drive-By Media and out there. They’ve never had anything go on as far as I’m concerned. There’s never been anything here; that has been fake news from the get the go.

But after all of these months of producing nothing and now more and more news showing that there’s been real collusion among Democrats, maybe Comey, maybe Lynch. That Washington Post story, the left-wing reaction to that story is amazing. There are people out there today on the left livid at Barack Obama. Because what did the Washington Post story say? Essentially that Obama and his team knew what the Russians were doing, they were trying to steal the election for Donald Trump. They wanted to make sure Hillary lost, and Obama knew it.

I don’t know if the people that wrote this Washington Post story intended this, but they ended up writing something that prints to 36 pages which basically says that Obama knew everything going on. By the way, this is all bohunk anyway. It’s all BS. But, anyway, I’ll play long with it as written, for the sake of this discussion. Obama knew about it, Brennan knew about it, CIA guy, all of these intelligence people knew about it, quote, unquote, and didn’t stop it. Didn’t do anything other than Obama calling Putin and saying, “Cut it out.” Other than Obama calling Putin and saying, “You better stop it or else.”

I mean, it’s laughable. And all they did in the end was expel 35 Russian diplomats, and that happened in December after the election. And there was even one Obama administration official, unnamed, who claimed, “Yeah, we choked. We choked. We didn’t do anything about it.” The people on the left and even some of the Never Trumpers on our side who believe this garbage actually now are ticked off at Obama for not doing anything about it.



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