Limbaugh Gets ‘Economic Briefing’: “The Trump Administration Is Off To A ROLLICKING Start”

RUSH: I got an economic briefing yesterday. And if I comment on this at all, folks, I’m not gonna do myself any favors. Suffice to say that the Trump administration is off to a rollicking start. The economy is booming, and there are real jobs being created. In fact, some of the most recent presidential approval data that just came out today is that Trump’s unfavorable numbers are very high, except the economy he is kicking butt. The American people profoundly approve of the way Trump’s handling the economy. But they disapprove of most everything else, according to this poll.

It used to be that if the economy was chugging, all the other stuff took care of itself. But it is. There are real jobs being created. Trump is also focusing, his administration is focusing on reviving the old concept of the vocational tech school. This I happen to believe is crucially important. This country has been… I think it’s been hampered by this notion that everybody has to go to college, that the ticket is college. Parents have bought that hook, line, and sinker.

This all started in the Great Depression. The idea that the only way — well, not the only, but the absolute best way to have a solid economic future is to have a college degree. That started in the Great Depression when nobody could find work. Jobs were nowhere to be found and the only people that got them were the educated. And this has survived generation after generation after generation to the point now where every American parent has as the primary goal for their kids that they go to college. And it’s just not made for everybody, particularly with what has happened on the American campus today, it probably is more advantageous for a lot of people to never set foot on one.


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