Limbaugh Fires Back At Criticism Of His Comments On Michelle Obama’s #BringBackOurGirls Pic

RUSH: Yesterday I flashed a picture up on the Dittocam of Mrs. Obama looking sad and grim at the same time in the diplomatic reception room at the White House holding up a sign with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls about this terror group, Procol Harem, uh, Boko Haram. You’re responsible for that, Snerdley. You told me that that’s what it reminded you of. Boko Haram, the Nigerian Al-Qaeda group, kidnapped over 200 girls, and I held that picture up, and I said, “Is this it? Is this how powerless we have become? Is this the extent of our ability to deal with something like this?”

I was aghast. I mean, it’s embarrassing that a Twitter hashtag is all we’ve got. And, in fact, I was further embarrassed that a Twitter hashtag is assumed to be enough because all we have to do is show that we’re concerned. All we have to do is exhibit our proper intentions, and that covers it. We don’t have to actually do anything. It’s perfect liberalism. You don’t solve anything. You don’t do anything. You just show that you care and you have good intentions.

Well, I was raked over the coals for this, as I knew I would be. There were some news stories out there about my insensitivity about this. To me, it is another example of the decline in this country. And then the president of the United States on a campaign fundraising swing basically admitted that he is powerless. He admitted that he has no ability to do anything about this. He said he wakes up thinking of the Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by these Islamist extremists and facing a life as sex slaves. By the way, you want to know the real War on Women, this is it, an Al-Qaeda group kidnapping a bunch of young girls to sell them into slavery. That is your War on Women.

So Obama said that he wakes up thinking of the Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Islamist extremists and facing a life as sex slaves and wishes he could reach out and save the kids. Oh, what a great guy. Oh, man.

Anyway, back to this Boko Haram thing. I took little grief for pointing out that the extent of US involvement here is a Twitter hashtag. I’m the one that was called insensitive. And the president of the United States admits that he is impotent, he has no ability. All he can do is hope. He sent some hostage negotiators. Oh, and, by the way, John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, is sending some diplomats over there to deal with it. So the State Department’s hit the ground in Nigeria.

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PATHETIC! Limbaugh SLAMS Michelle Obama’s #BringBackOurGirls Pic

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