Limbaugh Explains Why The Democrat Assaults On Trump Isn’t Working

RUSH: Okay. I’m gonna get to the answer to the question in the next half hour while you ponder and consider why is this stuff not sticking to Trump? ‘Cause there are reasons why the Democrat assaults — I mean, it appears they’re working if all you do is watch the Drive-By Media, but research polling data clearly shows it’s not affecting Trump’s numbers with the public. Now, the Republicans are scared to death of it, and it’s affecting them, but it really isn’t working. So we’ll get into that in the next half hour.

RUSH: Okay, now, why have all of these attacks — and this is The Politico saying so; it isn’t me. And you’re free to disagree with The Politico. Some of you may disagree. “It is hurting Trump! It’s ticking me off! It makes me mad. It’s causing other people to hate Trump who otherwise wouldn’t.” I understand that. But it’s not showing up in the official polling data conducted by Trump’s enemies — and in this case, I don’t think they’re gonna lie to themselves. They want to know if their stuff’s working or not, and it isn’t. So why isn’t it?

Why did it work on Trump? May I inject myself into this to help you out in answering this? You know, I don’t ever want to make the program about me but sometimes it’s unavoidable, ’cause I’m so famous. Like this stuff on the Drudge Report today, these supposed podcasters now “dethroning” me. Nobody’s dethroning me. They’re not even close. It’s just wishful thinking. But they’ve tried. See, this is the point. Thirty years, and you lifers know every attempt they have made to damage me, to harm me, to trash me, to destroy me, to destroy the program.

You know every effort, and you also know it hasn’t worked. Why? Well, let’s talk about Trump. There’s one thing Trump does that no other politician has ever done that serves the purpose of thwarting every day these allegations, accusations, these attempts to literally destroy Trump — and that it Twitter. As much as I shrink away from social media ’cause I think it’s a sewer, and I think it’s where human debris congregate, the fact of the matter is, it’s not all that.

Donald Trump has the ability every day — and uses it — to not only fight back and properly characterize the people attacking him. He also daily, multiple times a day, tweets what his agenda is and what he’s trying to do and what he has done. He is doing the job an otherwise responsible media would be doing. But they aren’t. He is recording his successes. He’s telling about the meetings he’s having and the people he’s talking to, the progress he’s making on things. He calls out the people that are standing in his way.

He explains why he’s not doing this or is doing that. But that’s not it alone. None of that would work, none of that would matter if there weren’t something else. And that something else is what we were talking about earlier: He has a connection. All of this media attack on Trump is designed for one group: Trump supporters. They are trying. They know that if they can cause you Trump supporters to abandon him, then Trump is finished — and so that’s what all of these efforts have been aimed at is you who support Trump.


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