LIMBAUGH: Equal Pay Is A Non-Issue

RUSH: “With Tuesday’s primaries reinforcing the strength of the Republican establishment, House Democrats are reassessing their electoral strategy based on a major internal research project that shows their candidates stand a better chance when they portray Republicans as uncaring toward working-class Americans while they continue to back policies favoring the wealthy and corporate America. Democrats could build on this distrust, the research showed, by emphasizing support for policies such as equal pay for men and women, ensuring that corporations pay a fair share of taxes, and increased job opportunities in the United States.”

So Snerdley, in answer to your question, “is it widespread?” apparently so.  And I take you back to the exit poll from the 2012 Romney-Obama race where, “Cares about people like me,” exit poll question, Obama won 81 to 19.  What this research project, this so-called internal research project for the Democrats is showing, is that there’s still a wide perception that Republicans don’t care about people, particularly the middle class.  But the Democrats do.  And the evidence that the Democrats care, A, they care, B, they want equality.  They want equal pay for men and women.  And they want corporations to really get socked.


RUSH: But it all seems to come down to this: Republicans don’t care and Democrats do.  And it’s over things that you and I think are patently ridiculous. 

Equal pay for men and women is a nonissue.  Not a nonissue because it’s a problem, but because it no longer is.  Women are running more and more things every day.  The idea that women are underpaid is something that’s been dealt with.  Yet it doesn’t matter what people know.  Just pound ’em with the idea, equality, War on Women, we’re amazed that works, Snerdley, but it does with a significant percentage of the voting population. 

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