Limbaugh: “Don’t Anybody Tell Me Gov. Christie Is A Conservative”

RUSH: That’s why the midterms in 2014 are crucial, and it’s why what Chris Christie did deserves real scrutiny from the standpoint of the Republican Party.  You talk about slap in the face.  You talk about throwing it right back at people, here’s a chance, even if it is for 18 months, who cares if there’s a special election?  This is politics.  Which means it’s warfare of a type.  And there are real things that we are fighting and trying to roll back and stop.  And we need people in the Republican Party in positions of power voting against some of this stuff.  We just had a chance to have another one in the Senate.  Sorry, it would be unfair.  I’m gonna throw it open to special election to show people how moderate and partisan and bipartisan, whatever I am. 

I’m gonna end up getting a phone call.  Don’t anybody tell me that Governor Christie’s a conservative.  Maybe a Republican or a RINO, but not a — (interruption)  What?  Well, you think I stepped in it with that?  Now, how in the world is that stepping in it?  Tell me, Snerdley.  How in the world is that stepping in it?  ‘Cause so many people think he is?  Really?  Even now?  Maybe not as many now, exactly right.  H.R.’s whispering to me, “He’s never said he was a conservative.”  Let me tell you something.  There was a day if you said on the air he wasn’t one, he would call you and demand to know, “What the hell are you saying?”

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Limbaugh: ‘I Won’t Be Surprised If Gov. Christie Seeks Democrat Party Nomination In 2016′

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