LIMBAUGH: Does Gary Cohn Really NOT Know What ANTIFA Is?

RUSH: Does Gary Cohn, who is the top ranking economic adviser the Trump White House, does he really not know what Antifa is? Does he really not know that they are a group that is devoted to violence, that they are a hate group. That they are not devoted to equality and liberty and fairness. They are devoted to exactly the opposite, does he not know it? It’s a legitimate question. I think it’s entirely possible that a left-wing Democrat would not know what the Southern Poverty Law Center is.

The other side of it is that they do know, they know exactly what it is and they support it anyway and they know exactly what Antifa is, and they support it anyway, while lying about who they are. Which is easier to believe here? I must tell you, folks, before you start cackling at me, one of the many things that I have learned over the course of my career is how genuinely ignorant and in some cases stupid people in our media are. And when I say ignorant, I really mean they are closed off. They do not expose themselves to anything other than what they already believe.

You know what they say about us? They say that we do nothing about confirm our biases. That’s why we watch Fox News. We’re not interested in the other — BS. We watch all of their crap! We read every bit of idiocy they say. They do not consult us. Their biases and their prejudices prevent them. I know liberalism better than they do. I know what they’re thinking before they’re thinking. I know what they’re gonna do before they do it because I have taken the time to study them and understand them, what makes them tick, why they think the way they are. They’re the ones closed-minded. They’re the ones who are ignorant. They’re the ones who are not curious. They’re the ones who live in this dream world where we are Satan incarnate.

My question is, is that what we’ve got in the White House? Do we have an economic adviser who really doesn’t know that Antifa is not devoted to equality and fairness and is that why he decides to diss the president and go out and suggest the president is siding with people — let me know put it a better way. He went out and basically implied the president is opposed to citizens standing up for equality and fairness.



LIMBAUGH: If Gary Cohn Doesn’t See The Threat ANTIFA Poses, “THAT’S A PROBLEM!”

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