LIMBAUGH: Do Democrats REALLY Believe They Can FORCE Trump Out Of Office?

RUSH: Do you think, all of you, do you think the Democrats really believe they can force Trump out of office, either by way of impeachment or just ticking him off so much he quits?


RUSH: Now, my question about what are the Democrats actually trying to do here. It’s a serious question. You might think it’s rhetorical, but it isn’t. Are the Democrats doing all this because they really believe that this never-ending pressure, this never ending assault like many Americans have never seen… A lot of Americans are not old enough to remember Watergate and how Nixon was hounded. So this is a first for a significant number of young Americans. Do the Democrats literally believe that this strategy can force Trump out of office?

Now, before you answer, if it’s impeachment, the Republicans run the House, and the Republicans run the Senate. So articles of impeachment would have to be presented in the House by Republicans. Well, they would have to be voted on by Republicans in the House. And if that strangely happened, the trial would take place in the Senate. Both places the Republicans own. So my… Do you see Republicans if this doesn’t change, if this pressure, if this ongoing effort to call it what you will — discredit, destroy, impugn Trump?

Can you see the day where the Republicans want to get rid of him, too, just to end all of this? What if Trump’s approval numbers fall below 30%? Do you think the Republicans would start worrying about 2018? The Investor’s Business Daily poll is out, and Trump’s at 36%, and that poll is widely accepted as accurate and nonpartisan. That poll accurately predicted Trump’s win, and it accurately called 2012 as well. The Investor’s Business Daily poll has been right on the money, and it has Trump at 36%.

At what point do members of his own party start sweating and think, “You know, this guy could take us down with him”? I’m not predicting any of that, but the question: What is the Democrats’ objective? Do you think that what they’re doing is more than just trying to make sure the fund-raising continues? Do you think when you look at Feinstein, when you look at Schumer, when you look at Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, when you look any of them — Pencil Neck, Adam Schiff — do you think that what they’re really trying to do is force Trump out of office?


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