LIMBAUGH: DNC Issues Holiday Pre-Apology Delivered By Bill Clinton – HILARIOUS Parody

RUSH: The DNC has asked us to help them get the word out. They are issuing a pre-apology for whatever happens between now and the end of the year during the holidays. Bill Clinton has been enlisted for this pre-apology, and we have it for you here.

ANNOUNCER: Now a holiday pre-apology from former President Bill Clinton.

CLINTON: To save all the hassle and embarrassment of a public apology after the fact, the Democrat National Committee has asked me to deliver this seasonal pre-apology to you, the women of America. Long before you head off to that holiday party where you may be groped, assaulted, or worse by one of our leading icons, powerful media allies, or just Al Franken, so here it goes.

We, the powerful men of the Democratic Party, are truly sorry for any of our words or actions that may have caused you to feel any pain. Please understand that we never, ever intended for it to be taken that way. But if you had just gone along with the program, you could have had some fun and maybe moved up in the world. Better luck next time, baby.

ANNOUNCER: After signing a release holding us harmless of any alleged assault, please accept a heartfelt holiday gift, your choice of either a copy of Leaves of Grass or a 10-pound bag of ice to keep the swelling to a minimum.

RUSH: The Democrat National Committee pre-apology to any women who will be harassed, groped, or abused during the holiday season, very thoughtful pre-apology delivered by Bill Clinton.


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