LIMBAUGH: Did Bill Clinton Ask Loretta Lynch For The FISA Warrant?

RUSH: You know, my friends, I happen to you — well, I don’t know, but I’m fairly confident that the elements of the Drive-By Media are monitoring today’s show. Would you think that’s a pretty good bet? Of course, they’re looking for evidence that I support this cockamamie conspiracy. So let me feed the beast.

Do you remember that clandestine meeting that we wouldn’t know about were it not for a local Phoenix TV info person between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on her airplane on the tarmac in Phoenix. Clinton landed there. We’re told that somebody told Bill Clinton that “Lorettie” was down there, that she had just landed, and Clinton (Clinton impression), “Hey, Lorettie’s here. You know, she owes me a lot. I put her on the eastern — Let’s taxi over there. I gotta talk to Lorettie.”

So they went in there and they talked about their grandkids, which she doesn’t have any. A week later, the second FISA warrant was granted. Ha-ha. What if Bill Clinton asked for the FISA warrant? Hey, I’m just feeding the beast here. Just having a little fun with the media. You know elements of the Drive-Bys are listening. Everybody’s wondering, what did Clinton want to talk to her about? Everybody assumes it was to tell her to go easy on Hillary and to dump the investigation, tell Comey to get out there and pound sand or whatever.

So she recuses herself! Well, she didn’t. She didn’t! She removed herself, but she didn’t recuse. She didn’t take herself out; she just turned it over to Comey or whatever. But it was just a week later that the second FISA request was made to surveil the Trump associates on whatever.


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