RUSH: You know what I think, folks? I think… You get this news here that self-identified Democrats are at an all-time low, 29%. I think Democrat Party…

And the only reason this is true is because the Republican Party has essentially ceased to exist as an opposition party. The Democrat Party is… Don’t misunderstand this. Because the media’s still the media and they’re still Democrats and they’re still formidable for a host of reasons. But, man, they are bankrupt. Now, let’s imagine where they are. They’ve had… We’re now in our eighth year of Barack Hussein O and his Regime, and basically anything they’ve wanted they got. They’ve given nuclear weapons to Iran. You know, I think this bunch… Speaking of that, you know, people are trying to explain them.

I don’t think you can rationally explain these people. There’s no rational explanation for knowing who Iran is, giving them access to nuclear weapons, and releasing sanctions resulting in them getting a $100 billion to $150 billion on the hope that doing so will turn them into nice people. If that’s really the reason they’re doing it, they’re not balanced. These people are just dangerously unbalanced. It’s just… The idea that all we have to do is treat these people nice and show them we respect them?

And there’s a couple indications here that they even know what they’re doing is wrong. They know what they’re doing won’t work, and yet they do it anyway. Now, that is irrational. That is unbalanced. So you have, I think, the Democrat Party is out of ideas. And I think the focus on gun control is the perfect illustration. I wish I could remember… It wasn’t that long ago, but I made mention on this program… It’s within the last five years, I guarantee you. It may be back… You know what? It may be the 2004 campaign. Well, that… It was, in fact.

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