LIMBAUGH: Democrat Party ‘CHEATS’, And The Media Is In On It

RUSH:  Yeah.  Well, the DNC leak, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz being fired and leaving is what took that story away.  I mean, she was the focal point of the story.  She ran the DNC.  She’s the one that rigged the whole game for Hillary.  But I’m gonna tell you, folks, again, that rig took place in 2008.  Without getting into it in great, lengthy detail, 2008 was supposed to be the Democrat Party’s payoff to Hillary Clinton for all she had done to keep them viable while Bill Clinton was out messing everything up.  Their marriage, threatening the strength of the party and all that.  She, not only hanging in there with him, but trying to blame conservatives for his philandering and so forth, they owed her.

They owed her big time, and they pulled the rug out from under her when a younger black guy came along that they liked better.  And I guarantee you, when that happened, for the sake of party unity down the road, they couldn’t have the Clintons bolting the party after that.  They guaranteed her this year.  And the evidence was in the schedule. Look, nobody ran against her.  When Bernie Sanders ran, everybody laughed. Oh, my God, this aging socialist, nobody gave him any kind of a chance.  Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb.  I mean, nobody even ran.

They have a weak bench, but they have stronger people than that.  The game was rigged.  And then Bernie upset everything by demonstrating the Democrat Party’s even more wacko radical left than they wanted to admit.  So they had to rig the game against Bernie, and they did it in any number of ways, and the emails documented it.  The lesson ought to be that the party cheats and that the media’s in on it.  You’re right, but of course that’s been swept away and will continue to be.


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