Limbaugh Defends Trump’s ‘Nuke Button’ Tweet: When Dealing With Lunatics, Throw Lunaticism Back At Them

RUSH: So the tweet — (laughing) — this little pot-bellied dictator bragging that he’s got a nuke button on his desk while half of his country is starving to death. Well, Trump says, “You know what, I got a bigger button than you. I got a button and it’s bigger than yours and it works.” And they act like the greatest insult to human dignity and the presidential regime that has ever happened.

You know another thing they’re mad about? They’re mad that there hasn’t been a similar eruption — I mean, the left did, of course. But there hasn’t been a nationwide negative reaction to Trump’s tweet. They’re frustrated at that, mad at that. “Why aren’t people more outraged by this? This is unpresidential. This is unseemly. This is dangerous.”

These people hang around on Twitter. They see what the sewer it is and what it’s become. And Trump and his little tweet is mild compared to the drivel that populates Twitter each and every day. What Trump said probably wouldn’t cause a ripple in your average Twitter sewer. But, no, he’s the president, he shouldn’t speak this way. I explained this once before. I got the sound bite.

We went back to the Grooveyard of Forgotten Sound Bites. I’ve got it and I explained to people. Trump’s brilliant. He knows who he’s dealing with and how to reach them. And if you’re dealing with lunatics and if you’re dealing with the insane, throw it back at ’em. You know, throw a little unpredictability and lunaticism back at them. And it discombobulates ’em — and in fact it is. Kim Jong-un is confused. Kim Jong-un doesn’t know how to deal with Trump. He’s actually calling Washington liberals asking for help in translating, understanding Trump. Not recently, but he did.

Now I understand that they’ve reopened a phone line connection, a hotline between North Korea and South Korea after Trump’s tweet.


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