Limbaugh Convinced Democrat Strategists Do Not Know Obama Cut Medicare

RUSH: “Your premiums go down 2500 bucks, your kid stays on your policy until he’s 26, and if you have pre-existing condition, you get insurance. It’s a beautiful thing!” Except it’s all lies. The media does not know. The Democrats do not know. They have not read Obamacare! They have the ultimate faith in the lie that is liberalism, that they are the ones with the big hearts and all the compassion. And everything in that bill, they trust, is filled with love and compassion and concern.

They have no clue what’s in that bill.

I’m convinced.

Now, not all of them.

Look it, don’t misinterpret me. I’m talking about the TV Democrats. I’m talking about every time you watch somebody on TV who’s a Democrat “strategist.” I’m not talking about the leaders. The architects of this know. Obama, he knows full well what he’s doing. But their little marching ant farm of insects out there that go on television to talk? They’re just drinking the Kool-Aid.

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