Limbaugh Contends That NBC Hoped Not To Have To Get Rid Of Matt Lauer

RUSH: I’m gonna tell you, folks, the private sector’s not that fast. They’re not instantaneous. Everybody thinks that NBC decided to get rid of Matt Lauer in about five minutes. But I contend to you that they didn’t. I contend to you that they hoped not to have to get rid of Matt Lauer. And I do it on the basis of this.

You remember the original Ronan Farrow story on Harvey Weinstein that ran in the New Yorker? Some of you may remember that Ronan Farrow works at NBC. He’s a consultant, a stringer. He doesn’t have a regular gig, but he does contract pieces. They assign him to go do stories, probably to get him out of the building, and then he goes and does the stories, he comes back. And he came back, and he had the Weinstein story. He had it nailed. He had thousands and thousands of words, and he had interviews.

And NBC shelved it. NBC said, “Not interested.” NBC said, “We don’t think you’ve nailed this down.” NBC said, “We’re not comfortable with this.” NBC said, “Shop it somewhere else. We just don’t think this is ready for publication or for air.” So Ronan Farrow walked it down the street to The New Yorker, where they immediately ran it, and the rest is history.

Now, why would NBC have passed on this? Now, our old buddy Seton Motley believes that this is evidence that these news organizations do not do investigative news, particularly when it’s of and about themselves. They do everything they can to delay it or to hide it or maybe even cover it up. How long did CBS know about Charlie Rose and PBS before the time came where they had no choice but than to get rid of Charlie? It’s my contention these people at these places knew of this for quite a while. And to me the best evidence of it, look at Matt Lauer. Everybody’s saying they’re shocked, we didn’t know. At least that’s what’s published, published quotes.

But then we learn after the first 24 hours that some people, “Oh, yeah, we knew, oh, there were rumors.” And then after 24 hours we have every detail we could possibly want about Matt Lauer’s secret button under his desk to lock the door. And these people have no problem finding Matt Lauer sound bites from way back in 2005 and 2006 where he tells Meredith Vieira, “Hey, bend over a little more.” Nobody had any trouble finding the Katie Couric sound bite where she said that the biggest, most noteworthy thing about working with Matt Lauer was that he liked to pinch her butt.

So I think they’ve known. I think there’s been suspicion. Jeff Zucker, who ran NBC for a while, was the exec producer of Today show now over at CNN (imitating Zucker), “I don’t know this guy. I never saw this kind of predation. Different guy. I didn’t know.” Well, there’s gotta be a reason that they didn’t run the Ronan Farrow story. And there’s also word that Matt Lauer had significant editorial control over what stories did make the air at the Today Show and what stories didn’t.


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