LIMBAUGH: CNN Should Use A Picture Of Melissa McCarthy As Sean Spicer To Cover WH Press Briefings

RUSH: The White House today announced that the press briefing, no cameras. It’s audio only. It’s being conducted by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who does good — she does well — with these briefings. And the Drive-Bys, they’re just livid. You know, the White House canceled the briefing the other day and just did a gaggle, and that drove ’em nuts. Did you see Newt’s idea? Newt thinks that the White House ought to cancel the CNN credentials. Just kick ’em out of there.

CNN’s not doing journalism. CNN’s not doing news. CNN represents the opposition and don’t give them a credential. They’re not doing journalism. Kick ’em out of there. And of course some people going, “Yay, Newt! Right on, Newt! That a way!” Others: “Oh, that would be the worst thing you can do! you can’t cancel the credential of CNN!” (interruption) That’s what I say: Why not? Why can’t Trump…? Trump could do whatever he wants to do here. If he wants to fire Mueller, he can. Do you know I found this out after the fact?

Trump took the brood up to Camp David for the first time, and from the Drive-Bys, there was all kinds of speculation that Trump was gonna fire Mueller from Camp David, that that’s why he went there. Apparently, you fire people when you go to Camp David if you’re president. Nixon fired a lot of people when he went there. (interruption) Oh, I know. Jim Acosta lost it. He’s another CNN, lost his mind after the gaggle. No microphone, no cameras. So, anyway, here’s Wolf Blitzer’s reaction. This is just like 20 minutes ago.

BLITZER: All right, unfortunately, uh, you saw Sarah Huckabee Sanders walk up to the lectern there on the podium. Uh, but the White House rules are that none of the cable networks, none of the broadcast networks are allowed to carry this briefing, even though it’s a briefing that’s very, very important on a day where there’s a new Republican health care bill that affects tens of millions of Americans out there. A sixth of the U.S. economy! A day when the president, uh, tells the world that as far as he knows there are no tapes or recordings of his conversations with James Comey. Unfortunately, the White House won’t allow us to bring that briefing to our viewers here in the United States and around world live.

RUSH: Not true, Wolf! You can cover the audio. Put your picture up there. You know, Wolf, have ’em take a picture of you frowning and then run the audio from the press briefing. Or get a picture of you and Jake Tapper. You know, get a group picture: You, Erin Burnett, Alisyn Camerota. Go get Pelosi in it, Jim Acosta. Get Don Lemon in there. Take a group photo. You know, flip ’em off. Do something. Do a group obscene gesture and put that picture up while you carry the audio of the briefing. You know, don’t let ’em freeze you out, Wolf!

You gotta learn how to promote CNN. If they’re not gonna let your cameras in there but you want to carry the briefing, the briefing is happening; it’s audio only. Carry the audio and then promote whatever else you want with your visuals on CNN, instead of going (crying), “They won’t let us turn our cameras on and (sobs) so we can’t bring you the news. Wah-wah!” Wolf, you’re admitting that you want the cameras to be able to embarrass people. You are just admitting it. The briefing, you could carry it, Wolf. You could carry the audio. Wolf says, “We’re TV.”

It doesn’t matter, Wolf! You can take care of that. I’m looking at a great group shot now: Six sullen faces. Put ’em up there, pick any six from CNN you want while the briefing is going on. Put a picture of Sarah… You know, put a picture of Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer and put that up there. Be creative, Wolf! Come on. You people sitting around acting like your noses are out of joint here, you’re letting Trump win! You’re not covering the briefing, even though it’s happening and microphones are allowed!

(crying) “He won’t let us turn on the cameras! There’s so much important. He’s got health care! People are gonna die, and Trump didn’t say tapes and so…” What a bunch of whining crybabies. Fox carried the audio. They had a picture of Sarah Huckabee Sanders up there. And they were carrying the audio, for a while.


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