LIMBAUGH: CNN Is The ‘Consiglieri’ For The Obama Legacy And The Democrat Party

RUSH: Here’s Paula, San Antonio, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Are you there?

CALLER: I’m here.

RUSH: Great. Keep going.

CALLER: I was watching the news this morning in regards to this gif this kid apparently put out, and I said to my husband, “My gosh, our son would so do something like that,” he’s 16, and, by the way, thinks it was hilarious. And all I thought was, my gosh, this 16-year-old was tracked down and gets inundated. They don’t have that freedom of speech anymore?

RUSH: Exactly. CNN now sets themselves up as the arbiter of who does and who doesn’t have the right to crack jokes on Reddit or Twitter or wherever else. They did bully the kid. They made him apologize, and they have threatened him. They’ve told him they will not dox him, meaning they’ll not go public about who he is and all of the crucial elements of his identity. They will continue to respect his privacy, if he doesn’t do it again.

CALLER: So he’s basically being silenced by a bully media outlet?

RUSH: He’s being silenced by a news organization, right. Which proves it’s not a news organization. It’s an enforcer bunch. This is the consiglieri for the Obama legacy and the Democrat Party, is what they are.

CALLER: Yeah, all I thought was as a parent, I mean, my gosh, 16-year-olds do this kind of stuff, and all of a sudden our family could become a target?

RUSH: Yeah. See, this is why this, folks, is a teachable moment. There are people for the first time in their lives seeing this aspect of the media that you and I have known as part of what they are and who they are for decades. They’re screwing this up, while they pat themselves on the back. They are giving themselves accolades.




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