LIMBAUGH: CNN Clearly Leading The Pack In FAKE NEWS!

RUSH: How about the AP report that Trump threatened the president of Mexico? The AP reported that Trump called the president of Mexico and said, “Look, if you don’t take care of those bad hombres down there that you’ve got, we’re gonna send in the American military to do it.” The AP claimed that Trump told the Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto that if he didn’t take care of the bad hombres down there that we would send in the US military. The Washington Post and others in the Drive-Bys ran with the AP story.

Even the AP story, if you read deep enough down there, the article admitted that Mexico denied that version of events. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, ’cause the president of Mexico is not a credible source. He was on the call, but his sourcing is not credible if he doesn’t go along with the primary narrative of the story. The narrative is that Trump got on the phone, bullied the president of Mexico and threatened to send troops to get rid of bad hombres. The head honcho Mexico said, “No, no, no, didn’t happen,” but they say we can’t count on this guy as a source.

Even the foremost purveyor of fake news, CNN, and they are. I don’t think there’s anybody even close to CNN in terms of fake news. Maybe BuzzFeed running a close second, but, man, they’re all tightly bunched in there. But CNN clearly leading the pack in fake news. They even called the AP out on their report. Even CNN, the primary purveyors of fake news, questioned the AP report that Trump called the president of Mexico and said we’re sending the troops in if you don’t get rid bad hombres down there.

CNN said that the readout of the call that they saw showed that Trump was offering aid, not making threats. He was offering to help the president of Mexico get rid of the bad hombres they’ve got down there. That’s a huge difference. You know how many people ran with the fake story? How many of people believe that Trump was on the phone with the president of Mexico today and threatened him, threatened to send troops? Many of you are probably going, “Right on!” and you’re disappointed it isn’t true. Right? Many of you are probably thinking, “That’s right, we need to send the military down there and clean that place out.” And now you’re finding out it isn’t true and disappointed.


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